Spa-Valous Marvelous

Winter is not one of my favorite seasons. I HATE being cold!! So here is my dilemma…

You get out of the clothes that keep you warm and freeze until you are totally submersed in a steaming hot bath,   you soak for as long as the water temperature will let you, now you have to get out the bath and freeze again till you are dressed. Now somewhere in between you have to lather yourself with cold body cream, no bloody way!

I then discovered soy body candles, an answer to my prayers. These candles were made for me! You light the candle before going to bath and by time you are out it has melted enough to use as a body cream and guess what, it is warm.

I was given the baby candle for my daughter who had eczema from about 1 month old. After using the candle her eczema cleared up within days.

Get your hands on one of these, you wont be sorry!